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We are China leading manufacturer of Power Cord, LAN Cable, Communication Cable, Trial Power Plug Socket Adapter,  We having the best manufacturing capacity to provide the cheapest prices,best quality and lead times. Our product range: power cord,Network cable,telephone cable,HDMI cable, Plug&Socket, LAN Cable, Patch Cord, Audio Video Cable, HDMI Cable, RCA Cable, USB Cable, Audio Video Plug Connector, Alligator Clips, Banana Plug, Our power cord: Power cord Euro vde power cords American ul power supply cord saa power cable  bsi cord sets  Japan PSE JET  power supply cords Italy plug power cords  Swiss SEV approval power cables  Argentina IRAM cordsets Korea KETI cord sets  Chinese CCC power cord  IEC 60320 C13 C14 computer cables  UL power strip  UL adaptor  UL CE night light  cable.All our power cords are have UL, CSA, VDE, BSI, PSE, KET, SEV, SAA, IMQ, IRAM, KET, GOST, and UCIEE certificates.