Electric Wires

Electric Wires

RVS Twisted Pure Copper Flexible Electrical Cable Wire For Fire Line Lighting

Application: 1. Can connect with Self regulating heating cable (sold in our store, we offer service of connecting cold wire with heating cables). 2. Suitable for Household lighting, Electrical equipment & Instrument extension cable, Broadcast audio connection control wire, Fire protection wire and so on...DIY extension electrical wire.

H05VVH2-F Electric Power Cable Wire 2 core 0.75mm2

H05VVH2-F H05RN-F building wire is meant for use as general purpose wiring for installation in conduit or other recognized raceway. 

BVVB Flat Multi Core House Wiring With Earth Wire Cable

Application The products can be used for power lighting or telecommunication equipment ,household electric appliance,meter and instrument,etc.with rated A/C voltage being 450/750v.

Black TPE Welding Cable Wires

Black TPE Welding Cable Wires

THW THWN THHN Electrical power PVC Cable Wire

Application: For use in power and control circuits, installed in conduit or duct. For wiring of machine tools(stranded conductors). Suitable for use in dry(90 °c) or wet( 75°c) loaction and in presence of oil or gasoline. Maximum voltage continuous rating: 600V

ZR-KVV ZR-KVVP ZR-KVV22 Muti-Core 450/750V Power Cable

Product Description Control cable is used for the signal transmission, controlling and measuring system of the electric apparatus and the power distribute apparatus in the field of metallurgy, power and petro chemistry, The rated voltage is up to 450/750V.